a strong mind looks forward, not back.

2016 started out as one of my toughest years, by far.  I struggled with how much to share about it and truthfully, I didn't know how to write about it without sounding negative or drawing unwanted attention to it.  So instead, I just didn't write about it, at all.  In fact, I hardly wrote any blog posts in 2016 and the entries that did make the cut were all related to training or trail running only.  All 4 of them.

In retrospect, I suppose I could have shared more.  I had some personal health issues I was going through at the exact same time my Dad was going through similar issues.  It was a really tough time, however I am proud of how strong I was, how positive I remained and in the end, 2016 turned out to be one of the best of my life!  Interesting, I know and the contrast alone, of "toughest" turning into "the best" makes me wish I had documented more, so that I had the stories and lessons to reflect upon.  None-the-less, this is life's way of teaching us sometimes and I "woulda, shoulda, coulda" can become a great motivator for the future.  After all... a strong mind looks forward, not back.

On that note, it has motivated me to start writing again and I decided to create a new blog platform.  I wanted a place that would inspire me and also be more simplified so I could make smaller contributions as my year unfolds.  We will see how this goes, as I usually struggle the most with finding the time to write ;)