TAR 2014: Stage Five

Stage 5: Sand in Taufers hill sprint 

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At some point in stage racing you usually reach a point where the mind and body have a difficult agreeing with each other. You wake up and your body asks "are we done? Can I go into rest mode today?  Please tell me we are in rest mode". It waits for your body's response.  On standby. Ready, but perhaps reluctantly. Then you start running again. And your mind has to make the connection and accept what is in store for the day. Today, my mind had to process a 7km and 3000 foot climb up a ski hill in Italy.  And this was after 4 days of already running approx. 160km and who knows how much elevation.     

The body remains to be a mysterious wonder to me.  How it adapts. How muscles can compensate. And ultimately how strong our will can be when we make up our minds...



Highlights.  Lowlights.  Stats

- Hill sprint. 7km + 3000 feet. Up a local ski hill. 
- There were 3 categories. Individual fastest. Combined team fastest and the slowest of the team was the stage time. 
- They sent the slowest teams went first and then teams left in 20sec intervals. The top team going last. 
- The course started off 1km flat/gradual climb on cobblestone roads and walking path. Then single track until the last 300m. 
- We climbed steady not 100%. Sticking to our "finishers" plan. It took us 1hr 19min and we didn't feel exhausted when we were done.   In fact we chatted and planned out Carrie's birthday which happens the Friday after we are home.  
- The pasta party was at the top.  We had lasagna and enjoyed the views while we waited for Trent. 
- Trent climbed from the bottom up to the very top of the hill. Approx 5,000 feet on a different trail. I included some of his photos in today's blog entry too. 
- Both Carrie and I had a terrible sleep. I felt hot and was tossing and turning. Luckily I could stay in bed late as our start time wasn't until 11:03. So I got up at 7:30am and we loitered and had a relaxing coffee morning. 
- It was laundry day. Time to hand wash and hang dry our gear. Our room was starting to smell like expired Gouda cheese or a hockey locker. Ewe. 
- After we took a gondola down, we soaked our legs in the fountain.  Ahhhhh!  Recovery.
- Carries sister surprised her and flew from Spain to Munich and then drove to Italy. How cool is that right?  She joined us in the fountain. #teamplayer
- It feesl like I have been fighting a cold the last two days. I have had to wear a buff over my ears cause they a he while I run.  Drinking lots of water and I am sure a good nights rest will cure. 
- Got to Skype my Dad tonight.  Felt the love.  Support.  Pride.  Combined with emails from my mom.  I am ready to carry on bravely and see what the next 3 days have in store for us.  The mountains are calling...