2011: castles, adventures and cobblestone run

My first two nights in Fussen I was not feeling well and spent the first night in the toilet and the second night just up with an upset stomach, so I didn’t get much sleep.  We wanted to do a little run on Tuesday but with such little sleep, I didn't want to get worn down more and would settle for the castle tour instead. 

The tour was beautiful!  We ended up hiking and walking around for about 5hrs because from castle to castle we had to hike up steep roads and trails.  Plus we added a few extra detours to get the legs moving.  It was sorta like Disneyland… everything cost too much money and people were everywhere (!!!) but it really was interesting and breathtaking. 

We also went to a ski hill just beside the castle where they have all these zip lines, adventure courses, bungee trampolines and luge runs.  Carter and I paid $3 euro each to ride the course – it was awesome!!!  Families just hang out and do all these activities, drink beer, have coffee and relax.  There was also hang-glider after hang-glider that were soaring off the mountains above.  So cool!

We headed back to the hostel for dinner at 6pm.  By 6:30pm we were all pretty tired again so we did some reading (internet was down) and were all in bed by 9pm.  I felt a bit better but didn’t sleep much better. My stomach still rumbled it kept me awake but I managed to stay out of the toilet.   Sarah and I set our alarm for 6:15am to get our legs moving and I was hoping a bit of exercise would help me sleep at night!  We did a beautiful 50min run in the town of Fussen… it was the best road run I have EVER had!  (and those that know me know I avoid running the road whenever possible)  Cobblestone streets, quiet roads, beautiful views and mountains all around us.  They have these cycle/walk paths that go all through the town and it’s no wonder so little people have to drive – they make it so easy to commute.

We then went back to the hostel, showered and hit the road to Oberstdorf, Germany.  It is a very cute little town on the edge of the Alps.  We are staying in a guest house near the core of the town in an old farmhouse that has been lived in for 3 generations.