2011: let the countdown begin!

With 8 days left to go before the start of the TAR, no matter how excited I get, it is getting hard to keep perspective on our training and trust that we are prepared what lies ahead of us.  This past week my workouts have been less than stellar.  I have been tired, my hip flexors have been tight and I really haven't felt much like running :(  It likely hasn't helped that I have been reading other blogs from people who are also preparing for this race and seeing that they have been running up to 270km a week and using repeated marathons and ultras as preparation.  Sarah and I took a very different approach to our training, so I can only hope that we have taken the right approach for us and it will be what we need to see the 8 days through.  I am sure a quick review on my training log will gap the lost perspective and put my mind back at ease.

I also know that our motivation with triple once we get to Germany.  The views alone are something to be celebrated and with each day I know we will want to push on, not only to finish each stage, but to see what is around each corner... what views will be waiting... what terrain will be calling... what unforgettable memory will be awaiting us.  Not to mention we are the power of 'TWO' and Sarah and I have a great partnership!  We will be stronger together and I have faith in our ability to work as a team.

On my run this morning, I found some peace and solitude.... that and traces of my fellow fuzzy running partner...

I felt much better after taking yesterday off and sleeping in the past two mornings until 6:30am.  That extra hour has gone a long way!  I also started to pump the Cold FX this week, in an effort to build my immune system before all the Germany air travel we have ahead of us.  I reflected on a lot of things this morning during my run.  Mostly people and everyone who has somehow contributed to supporting our dream of TAR.  There has been a lot of community and family support.

There are lots of people to thank and I will cover more on all the people who have helped us in our journey, but to start with the Hintringers played a HUGE role in helping us book all our accommodations along the race week.  Hours were spent on the phone, internet and putting together a well organized package for us to take.  This really doesn't touch on how much work and time they put into this for us, however we are very grateful!!